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November 20, 2022

MEDUSA WORLD DAO is devoted to constructing and discovering concrete options that carry a constructive influence on the planet and its ecosystems. #TEMPERATURE Collection2,626 NFTs – 126 hashtags + 63 backgrounds2,480 OGs, 120 RARE & 26 SUPER RARE [randomly distributed]1 NFT = 1 VOTE [in the DAO]Carbon-backed Assortment after Mint


NGO FUND: 40% of #NFT Gross sales to finance Planet Heroes’ social & ecological actions:
#ECOBOOK: to save lots of vitality consumption [and daily basis to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle
REWARDS PROGRAM: #ETH airdrops, IRL experiences, sustainable trips, eco-friendly prizes
SHARED ROYALTIES: 40% to NGOs, 30% to Members, 30% to Treasury
GENIUS CUP: 5% to support innovative and sustainable projects offering solutions for the common good
ART with a #Message to be pushed on social media to incentivize communities to take action

Original Content produced in-house and showcasing some of the many IRL actions made by MW DAO. Let’s Regen the Planet before it gets irreversible  — if we don’t act now, it will happen sooner than we imagine.

Believing in:#Unity | #FundThePlanet | #StrongerTogether | #MotionIsTheSolution

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You have to do your own research and cross-check the validity of this website through other Girls Robots Dragons channels like Discord or Twitter.

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